MQG Mini-Quilt Swap

by Stephanie February 5, 2017
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When the MQG announced last fall that a global mini-quilt swap was being organized, I tried to convince myself to sit it out. Swaps and challenges have a sneaky way of consuming far too much of my quilty time, and it’s not like my WIP/UFO piles have been shrinking at any great rate lately. Even […]

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January Pebbles

by Stephanie February 3, 2017
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Reporting in on “Pebble 365” progress, month 1. So far so good. I made a pebble almost every day in January, and easily doubled up to stay on count on the few occasions when I missed a day. Here’s where it’s at so far: Yes, I do know that January has 31 days. There’s a […]

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First Finish of 2016!

by Stephanie January 31, 2016
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A small one, all it needed was binding and a sleeve, but still, it’s something moved from UFO to DONE, and it kicks off my tally for the Q1 Finish-a-long. This was item #4 on my ambitious Q1 target list, which you can find here. I gave this a very wide, single binding, Amish style, […]

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