Fat Quarter Skirts

Fat Quarter Skirt tutorial

Got leftover Fat Quarters, or an FQ bundle you haven’t found a use for yet? Here’s how to make a cute and comfortable summer skirt from from your FQ stash! *

It’s a drawstring design (no zipper!), fun to make, and I’ll walk you through the details of every step. This method is very flexible and forgiving, and hard to mess up, so relax. No stressing about getting it perfect allowed. I can whip up one of these in an afternoon, easy, and that includes dithering over fabric choices. Your first time through might take longer, but you’ll get the hang of it. FQ Skirts are all about the thrill of creating something new — that you get to wear! — from your stash. Why should your quilts have all the fun?

This tute is in three parts, because I tend to ramble on a bit:

Part 1: Select FQs & Draft Your Pattern
Part 2: Prepare Your Fabric
Part 3: Assemble Your Skirt

* Got stash, but few FQs? Yardage and large scraps work, too!

I’ve set up a flickr group, too, which you will find here.