Forecast: a session with the seam ripper

by Stephanie on October 14, 2013

in Double Wedding Ring

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Don’t you love it when a good online sewing challenge comes along for something that’s already on your Bucket List? Double Wedding Ring has been on my BL for a long time, so when I heard about this challenge I was in, in, in!

I’ve been working on a “pickle dish” variation for the past 10 days. Sometimes you’ll see a Pickle Dish that features fat, striped, rings, like this one. Lovely, yes, and I might make one of those someday, too. But, to me, Pickle Dish is like this. Those spiky foundation-pieced arcs, so like a New York Beauty, emulate a vintage, cut glass serving dish. The kind of thing that goes on the table when company’s coming and forking pickles straight from the canning jar won’t do.

My quilty version was progressing nicely, considering I completely abandoned and then reinvented my planned background, setting, and border treatments, and tossed out (not out out, just back into stash) two-thirds of the FQs I’d bought for my “pickles”.

Here’s a peek at where I’m at this weekend, and it’s not good:


Pretty, yes. But look at how that outside curve on thebottom right is all ripply. Maybe not so bad in the pic, but far beyond anything that can be “quilted out.”

My best guess — after most of an afternoon measuring and remeasuring and examining the pattern again — it’s available online here — is that I need to redo the light blue centers. The foundation-pieced rings have oddly angled ends, and to account for that there are slight differences in two block centers. The original block, as drafted, has seamlines in what you see here as the light blue piece. I eliminated those seamlines and resized the block from 9″ to 14.5″, and it looks like sizing up has also sized up a slight discrepancy in the drafting. Probably insignificant at the original 9″ size, it’s causing problems here.

There are four blue centers that need fixing. I foresee a long session with the seam ripper, and lots of resewing over the next day or two.

Wish me luck. And patience.


1 Anne October 15, 2013 at 3:17 pm

Can’t speak to your ripple problem but I LOVE the color combination. Look forward to seeing the whole thing. Good luck fixing. Gotta love a good seam ripper don’t ya?

2 shelley October 16, 2013 at 1:56 am

Great color choices!! Sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet and rip out. But I know you’ll get it all squared away and the results will be ah-may-zing!!

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