Improvi-Robin Season 2 signups open!

by Stephanie on January 4, 2013

in Improvi-Robin Collaborative Quilting

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Last year’s Improvi-Robin group quilting adventure was so much fun, I’m eager to start again! And with our Season 1 trial-run a success, the Improvi-Robin is now open to everyone.

Will you come play with us?

Sign up for SEASON 2 through January 14th

CLICK HERE for details.

We’ll be forming circles of 5-7 people, with one month to complete each round. That means we’ll be piecing and swapping until mid-summer, then you’ll have the rest of the year to add to and finish the top you get back from your round robin partners. Details and guidelines are here, and you can see Season 1 pictures in the flickr group here.

I’m delighted to show off my completed Season 1 IR wall-hanging as my first finish of 2013! Thanks to Abby, Jackie, Miki, and Willa for your contributions!

Improvi-Robin wallhanging

The large blue rose print on the back is by Valorie Wells. I’ve had it in the “backing fabrics” stash for a while, and am so happy to have found such a good use for it here. The hanging sleeve used up the last of my Brandon Mably “Waves” also used for the front inner border and binding.

Improvi-Robin #1 back

Between a lot of improv piecing and my varied quilting density, this isn’t the flattest final product to come out of the studio. I’m about to put it through the wash, which will either even it out or make it worse… whatever happens, I’ll enjoy having this in my home for a long while to come.

Remember, Season 2 signups are open through January 14th, so click here for details. I look forward to playing with you!