Santa helps Sandy

by Stephanie on November 17, 2012

in Charity Quilts,Improvisational Piecing

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The elves in Santa’s Hilo workshop took a break from holiday prep this week, to make some blocks for Sandy relief quilts. I’m contributing here:
Sandy Quilt Block Drive

These scrappy log cabin blocks are 10.5″ before adding a dark solid border . The frame really makes them pop:

I hope that purple is “dark” enough. It looked darker before it went up on the wall next to the others, and the camera flash isn’t helping.

These are fun to make, especially if, like me,  you jump at the chance to do something — anything — with an ever-growing mountain of strip scraps. My favorite thing about scrappy quilting is the magic transformation that turns a random collection of  “duds and uglies”  — and lovelies turned tedious through frequent use — into something that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

The meager six blocks I felt comfortable committing to (due to limited sewing time these days) did not make a dent in my overflowing “straight strips” scrap drawer. So I’ll be making more, and will even break the current fabric embargo to pick up some reliably dark solid yardage at my local Kona retailer.

If you’d like to make some blocks, or (even better!) can volunteer to turn donated blocks into finished quilts, all the details are here.


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