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I’ve fallen behind on posting about some recent finishes, and promise I’ll share those soon, but today I am feeling the improv groove. The pieced units you see here started out as a couple of leftover blocks from last year’s “Blockapalooza”.

improv-pieced runner close-up

I layered and sliced and musical-chaired and inserted and framed to get to this point. I also made some wide sections of the dark batik with red/brown inserts, which you can see on the design wall here.

After some waffling I decided to follow the impulse to make these units into a table runner (or long wall-hanging). Next steps were to:

  • Slice up the wide dark into slightly angled strips
  • Use those to put all these units together into a long row and trim the sides
  • Add another strip of the dark blue batik on either side.

Here’s a detail of how it looks today. The 15 improv units are grouped in five sets of three like this. It’s 10.5″ wide, and the whole thing is close to 80″ long at this point.

I have a plan for adding another pieced section to either side, which will probably bring the width to around 18-20″, so it looks like this heading for “monster table runner” size.

Well, it wants to be what it wants to be, and I’m going to push on ahead letting the quilt be in charge of what it turns into. I’m curious to see where it ends up.

I also spent a few fun minutes at the sewing machine and ironing board this morning making a start on the April Improvi-Robin WIP. Not much done yet, but I added a big swath of a spectacular Alexander Henry print (“safari burst”) to it. As soon as I saw Abby’s pics of what she’d done to Willa’s block (upper right on the design wall), I knew I would use this fabric in some way. Here’s a teeny sneak peek at that:

close up of improv round robin WIP

And my final improv action of the day was to turn some leftover strips of this and that into a small improv block that will be the second in a series of mini-quilts that I’m calling “Pergola”:

Improvisational block in progressThis is 8.5″x7″ at the moment. It’s planned to be framed/bordered up to about 11″x14″. Maybe. It may have other ideas not yet known to me.





1 Nicole Gendy April 13, 2012 at 2:49 pm

I really like how you are letting your pieces speak to you and not trying to force them to fit your mold for them. That is very improvy.

2 sheila 77 April 15, 2012 at 9:38 am

The table runner is amazing with the beautiful strips against the dark blue background. I thought the blocks were much smaller the first time I saw them. “Pergola” is gorgeous, a lovely little mini quilt as it is, I’ll be interested to see what else you add to it. And I’m also looking forward to seeing what you do to the Improv robin piece.

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